Unpack the THERMO BELT along with the extension belt, Li-Ion Polymer battery and adapter. Use the 30cm extension belt if larger size is required. The battery of the THERMO BELT is not charged and must be fully charged for 9 hours before first use.
The Y-Cable is already connected to the main adapter cable. Connect one of the two adapter cables to the socket of the battery. Then plug in the adapter to the outlet to charge the battery. The second adapter cable can be used to charge two batteries at the same time. A second battery can be purchased additionally to
extend the heating time. The adapter is designed to protect and guarantee a long life of the battery. Overcharging is not possible.
The two LED-lights on the Y-cable turn to red during loading and then change to green after loading is completed! If for any reason the charger detects irregularities during charging, the safe charge function will be activated, resulting in an increase of the charging time. After the battery is fully charged, unplug the adapter and disconnect the cable from the battery. Store the battery in the pocket of the belt and close the Velcro strap.
When using your THERMO BELT open the Velcro strap of the battery pocket of the belt and connect the cable, which is inside the pocket, to the socket of the battery firmly. Store the battery inside of the pocket and close the Velcro strap. The heating mode is activated by pressing the ON/OFF keypad control button located on the battery pocket for about 3 seconds. The LED-light on the keypad control will then flash and light up, indicating that the belt is in the heating mode.
The temperature can be adjusted by pressing and releasing the keypad control button.
L - Green LED 34 °C with approximate heating time of 4 – 5 hours
M - Yellow LED 39 °C with approximate heating time of 3 – 4 hours
H - Red LED 44 °C with approximate heating time of up to 2 hours
Please note that the actual heating time always depends on the outside temperature. The Li-Ion batteries reach its full power after having been fully charged and fully drained several times! Additional batteries can be purchased separately if extended heating times are needed!
Turn OFF the belt by pressing the ON/OFF keypad control button several seconds until the LED-light turns off. Always unplug the battery when the belt is not in use and store them in the battery pocket of the belt.
The high-quality 3800 mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery (no memory effect!) cannot be damaged by frequent charging and can be re-charged approximately 500 times!


The Velcro straps on the belt and extension belt should not come in contact with
the soft micro-thin carbon fibre heating material. This could cause damage to the
fabric. The warranty does not cover any damage caused due to this reason.


THERMO BELT provides soothing heat for the back, stomach,
abdomen and kidneys.


For best performance it is recommended not to fully charge the battery if the belt is
not being used for a longer period of time! Charge for 30 minutes only and after 3
months charge the battery again for about 30 minutes!


Charge the battery completely before using the belt again.

  • Turn OFF the belt when not in use.
  • Always unplug the battery when the belt is not in use.
  • Store the belt and adapter in a cool, clean and dry place.
  • Only use the original adapter to charge the belt.
  • Do not damage the heating elements by excessively stretching or twisting the belt.
  • Do not cut or puncture the belt.
  • The temperatures were measured directly at the heating elements.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not iron.


  • Remove the battery
  • Close the velcro strap of the battery pouch
  • Hand wash only! Please use a mild detergent and treat the belt carefully.
  • Air-dry the belt only! Do not place it on radiators or any other hot surfaces!
  • Let the belt dry completely before charging again.


  • Please perform the following test in case you feel that the belt is not heating correctly:
  • Charge the belt completely.
  • Now turn ON the belt by pressing the ON/OFF keypad control button about 3 seconds until the LED-light turns on!
  • Place the belt in the refrigerator for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Check the LED light on the belt after taking the belt out of the refrigerator again.
  • If the light is ON, then the belt is in the heating mode and you should feel the warmth after about one minute.

BatteriezeichenDiscard THERMO BELT with approved collection agencies only! In order to save
our environment, do NOT dispose of the belt and battery in your normal household
Discard the battery separately from the belt!


In connection with the sale of batteries or with the delivery of devices that contain batteries, we are under obligation to bring the following to your attention: As the end user, you are legally under obligation to return used batteries. You can return old batteries, which we offer or have offered in our new battery assortment, free of charge to our dispatch warehouse (dispatch address). The symbols showed on the batteries have the following meaning:a The symbol of the crossed-out dustbin means that the battery may not be discarded with the household waste.

Pb = Battery contains more than 0.004 percent by mass of Lead
Cd = Battery contains more than 0.002 percent by mass of Cadmium
Hg = Battery contains more than 0.0005 percent by mass of Mercury.

Please pay attention to the above instructions.

If you want to dispose of the batteries, please separate the fabric cover from the battery.

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Most people suffer from lower back pain and not just during the winter! The cause for this can be the cold, bad sitting posture or unhealthy movements however, it can also be due to a number of other medical reasons.

The Thermo Belt has 3 different temperature levels with 34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and 44 degrees C.


Did you know?

Heat therapy has been a well-proven and natural method in treating tension and back pain for a long time and is therefore recommended by physicians as a first general measure.  hlen. 

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