Thermo Belt from a Doctor´s viewpoint 

die Sicht des ArztesThis type of treatment supplies our organism with thermal energy, which supports the healing of illnesses as a natural adjuvant. At the same time, common effects include improved blood flow in the applied area, a muscle tone reduction and an improved metabolism of the musculature. And, the function of internal organs is also improved – this is conceived via a reflex effect of the nerves (the so-called “cutivisceral reflex arc”). 
Furthermore, local heat treatment leads to local as well as overall pain relief, which is achieved by general relaxation, the mentioned muscle tone reduction and a release of tension. We recommend an application temperature of 34-44° and a treatment time of 10-30 minutes once daily, subsequently sleep or physiotherapeutic exercises, which are additionally recommended in the event of pain. The application of heat for pain relief is indicated for orthopaedic disorders or after accidents, e.g. signs of wear in the area of the spine or joints, for chronic rheumatic conditions, for muscle cramps and for swelling after overstraining soft parts; moreover, after injuries or surgeries.
Heat therapy is also applied for internal illnesses such as for liver-gall bladder disorders, constipation, menstrual discomfort, kidney and bladder disorders as well as a respective tendency to such. 
Last but not least, there are known positive effects on the psyche: We expect general relaxation so that local heat can also be applied for common nervousness.
This heat therapy may not be applied in cases of acute heart disease, severe cardiac insufficiency, very low blood pressure and calcification of the joints in the affected area. This heat therapy may also not be carried out in the event of acute inflammations, fever, an acute flare-up of a rheumatic disorder, bleeding or ulcers in the gastrointestinal area, heat intolerance and pregnancy. The treatment of the area must be stopped if there is a feeling of numbness in the affected region during application. 
From a medical point of view, the „Thermo Belt“ offers ideal heat application in the area of the lumbar and thoracic spine but also for kidney and bladder disorders as described in detail above. In addition to pain relief, the overall mentally balancing and relaxing effect intensifies the positive effect of the „Thermo Belt“. Persons who are sensitive to cold will also appreciate its use for outdoor activities in cold temperatures. 


Dr. KommerDr. Werner Kommer

Specialist for Internal Medicine
Wolkersdorf, Austria

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Most people suffer from lower back pain and not just during the winter! The cause for this can be the cold, bad sitting posture or unhealthy movements however, it can also be due to a number of other medical reasons.

The Thermo Belt has 3 different temperature levels with 34 degrees C, 39 degrees C and 44 degrees C.


Did you know?

Heat therapy has been a well-proven and natural method in treating tension and back pain for a long time and is therefore recommended by physicians as a first general measure.  hlen. 

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